About Us

“Why pay 2% ? When you can pay none.”

PropSell.com.my is an end-to-end E-Property advertising platform that offers advertising services to help selling your properties for a low fixed fee, instead of thousands of commission. The founder of PropSell, Jason Yap, started PropSell with a slogan, “No commission, Fixed fee only”, which he thinks that conventional agents have been charging too much, for sometime. Why pay 2% ? When you can pay none. PropSell connects buyers and sellers, or landlords and tenants directly.

Hence we at PropSell decided to enhance the property market by changing the way we work. Move everything online, change our workflow, reduce expenses, lower pricing and of course with better services. You name it, we’ve done it. The result ? We only charge a one-time fixed advertising fee, regardless of whether you’re selling/letting a multi-million ringgit bungalow, or a practical condominium unit.

We are not just changing the fee structure. We’re introducing full transparency that you, the property owners, deserves. By removing the money-driven commission structure out of the picture, we provide better service for a much better price. Try PropSell out today and see for yourself.